Indirect Lightning Protection

Surge Protection Devices for Power Supply  

HAKEL is one of the dominant makers of Surge Protection Devices (SPD) in Europe over the last decade. It offers a comprehensive range of surge and lightning arresters for protection against overvoltages. These include devices to protect AC networks of various voltage levels and also special systems for data lines and telecommunication devices and protective modules for process measurement and control systems. Hakel SPDs specialise particularly in telecommunication devices with and extensive list of project references in various nations. 

Lightning Arresters – Type 1

Lightning Arresters – Type 1 and 2

Surge Arresters – Type 2

High-Power Varistor + Remote Control (PIV)

A range of lightning arresters, Type 1 in accordance with IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 (1st stage protection). To be placed into the main switchboards at the beginning of electrical supply into a building. Where remote monitoring of failure is required, a potential free signal contact for such application can be incorporated.


This range of lightning arresters is mainly intended for applications in unmeasured parts of electrical installation within the lightning zone concept at LPZ 0 – 1. The lightning arrester is constructed as an encapsulated denary chamber carbon spark gap with high values of self-extinguished follow currents. 

High-Power Varistor + Remote Control – SPC (Single or Three Phase)

A compact range of surge protection devices for 1st and 2nd stage. Recommended use in low voltage supply systems TNS, TNC, TT, offering protection of electrical installation which is connected to supply system by cable lines or overhead line. 

Lightning Arrester Type 1 + Type 2 with Pluggable Modules

PIVM + B25M are of pluggable module design for surge protection intended for mounting on DIN rail 35 mm. This design ensures maximum protection against lightning impulses and surgeswith its low protection level and high current diversion capacity.

Surge Arresters – Type 2

Surge Arrester Type 2 according to IEC 61024 (2nd Stage Protection). To be placed into the secondary switchboards. In applications where remote monitoring of failure is required, a potential free contact can be incorporated.


Surge Protection Devices for Photovoltaic Systems  
PV Protection

Complete range of Lightning and Surge arrester for protection of Photovoltaic Systems. These arresters are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0-2 (according to IEC 1312-1 and EN 62305) for equipotential bonding of positive and negative busbars of photovoltaic systems and elimination of transient overvoltage that originate during atmospheric discharges or switching processes.


Surge Protection Devices for Information Technology Systems & Equipment  

With the increasing sophistication of today’s electronic systems, the need for reliable, uninterrupted operation is essential. The effect of lightning induced surge or overvoltage entering any of these systems can be catastrophic.

By fitting HAKEL Surge Protection Devices in series with all incoming data, telecommunications, instrumentation, LWAN, antenna and system control equipment lines, transient overvoltages can be reduced to an acceptable level. All protectors are designed to offer high protection to the line without affecting the performance or degrading the signal.

Coaxial Protection  

Innovated coaxial high-frequency protection ranges KO-*P and KO-*GN are designed for protection of equipment connected to an aerial system by means of coaxial cables. A wide range of coaxial protectors can be used in various applications. 

EMI Filters  

PI-k range are 2-stage, single/three phase surge protection devices with a high frequency filter. They are designed for protection of electronic appliances in low voltage supply systems against impulse surge and against high-frequency disturbances. 

The filters are intended for: 

  • Single Phase: 8 – 32A 
  • Single Phase: 32 – 150A 
  • Three Phase: 16 – 80A 
Measuring Equipment  

Portable service equipment intended for a quick diagnostic of operation efficiency of HAKEL Surge Protection Devices. 

  • Testing of SPD (Power Supply)
  • Testing of Data SPD 
  • Lightning Impulse Counter 
Isolating Spark Gap  

An explosion-proof gas discharge tube with flexible connecting cable for equipotential bonding in accordance with IEC 61024-1 and also for the use in IT installations in accordance with IEC 60364-5-54. It is recommended for insulated flanges and insulated screw joints bridging in cathodic protected parts of industrial technology.